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Single Motor Riser Recliner Chairs – Top Picks

Best Riser Recliner Chairs


Single motor riser recliner chairs are an outstanding mobility option for millions of people, providing comfort, style, and just the right amount of assistance at an affordable price.

Single motor riser recliners use just one motor to control all of the chair’s movements. When the chair is put into reclining position the footrest automatically extends to support the legs, and when the chair is returned to upright position the footrest automatically retracts.

Riser Recliner ChairsAll single motor riser recliners give you the option of sitting upright with the footrest retracted or reclining at a moderate angle appropriate for activities like TV viewing, with the footrest extended.

Some models also offer a third, more fully reclined position, that would be perfect for that cozy afternoon nap. Single motor chairs don’t extend to a fully flat, bed-like position.

Some single motor riser recliners provide a further reclining option called “tilt in space”. Instead of reclining by having the back separate from the seat, this feature makes it possible to recline by simply tilting the whole seating area backward.

This keeps the user in the seated position and also elevates the legs above the hips, which can be beneficial to people with heart problems or conditions like edema, which lead to leg or foot swelling.

Is a single motor riser recliner right for you?

One of the first questions to be considered when purchasing a riser recliner is the number of motors you need to provide the comfort you want and the assistance you require. Dual motor models provide more position options but single motor riser recliners are generally the most affordable option and may offer everything you need at the lowest possible price.


Here are some things to consider when making the decision on the number of motors you require:


Why do you need a riser recliner?


If your main reason for purchasing a riser recliner is to make sitting down and rising to a standing position easier, a single motor chair may well be exactly what you’re looking for. If you need a riser recliner because you have health issues that make it difficult to sit or recline comfortably a dual motor model that offers more variety of positions may serve you better.



How do you plan to use the chair?


If you’ll mainly be using your chair to relax in while reading, chatting, or watching TV, a single motor model that gives you two or three positioning options could be the perfect choice. If you’ll be taking your meals in the chair or sitting in it to do most of your daily activities you may want to looking into a dual motor model to give you more positioning options. If you plan to sleep in the chair you should definitely investigate dual motor models that make it possible to extend the recline function to fully flat, like a bed.



How much time will you be spending in the chair?


If you’ll be using the chair for periods of a couple of consecutive hours or less at various times throughout the day, a two or three position single motor model may be just what you need. If you’ll be using the chair for many consecutive hours at a time a dual motor model that can be adjusted to more positions may be a more comfortable choice.



Do you have special health considerations?


In some cases a dual motor chair is a better choice for users with specific health problems, but a single motor chair with the right options may serve you well even if you have back or neck problems or issues with circulation or leg and foot swelling. Look for a chair that includes the “tilt in space” option, which makes it possible to maintain a seated position while reclining.

If you’ve decided that a single motor riser recliner is right for you, the next step is choosing among the many models available to find the one that best suits your needs. Here are out recommendations for the best choices in single motor riser recliners in several categories.

Best Budget Price Riser Recliner


Product: Chicago Rise & Recline Chair by Restwell

Our pick for this category is the Chicago Rise & Recline Chair by Restwell Recliner Chairs. A long list of exceptional features and a price that’s under £400 make this model a smart choice for users who want comfort, style, and affordability.

  • Images
  • Specifications

  • Width: 83cm/33″
  • Height: 108cm/43″
  • Depth: 93cm/36″
  • Seat width: 50cm/20″
  • Seat height: 48cm/19″
  • Seat depth: 52cm/20″
  • Maximum user weight: 150kg/23st

Ease of operation:

The Chicago Rise & Recline chair is very easy to operate, with a simple two-button control handset; pressing the “up” button raises the backrest to the upright sitting position, retracts the footrest, and raises/tilts the chair to allow for easy access. Pressing the “down” button lowers the chair and another press simultaneously reclines the back and extends the footrest. A convenient loop holder below the armrest makes it easy to keep the control unit within reach.


The Restwell Chicago is available in both standard (seat height 48 cm) and petite (seat height 44 cm) sizes. The maximum user weight is a generous 23 stone.

Mechanical considerations:

The action of the Restwell Chicago’s electric motor is smooth and quiet, raising and lowering the chair at the perfect speed for user comfort and security. A built-in battery backup ensures that the user won’t be trapped in the chair if there’s a power outage. This model does not include a crush-proof feature (a physical barrier to prevent children or pets from getting under the chair, or a special mechanism to sense the presence of something under the chair and automatically halt movement).


The Restwell Chicago is a two-position recliner and can be used sitting upright with the footrest retracted, or in a reclining position with the footrest extended.


This riser recliner has a simple, stylish design that will work well in just about any decor. The pillow back is craftsman upholstered to exacting specifications, providing both softness and support for comfort and relaxation. The chair is available in several colors of luxury quality fabric, or can be ordered with an anti-microbial PVC covering for an additional cost. This model requires about 2 feet of rear clearance in order to recline.

The bottom line:

The Restwell Chicago Riser Recliner is an excellent basic reclining lift chair, offering reliability, comfort, style, and ease of operation at a very affordable price. While it lacks some advanced features, it delivers on all the essentials and could give many users exactly the assistance they need.

Ellen model by Cosi Chair

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Best Mid-Price Riser Recliner


Our pick for best mid-range single motor riser recliner is the Ellen model by Cosi Chair. It’s combination of luxury features, “tilt in space” capability, and a price under £800 make it an outstanding choice for users who want more than the basics.

  • Images
  • Specifications

  • Seat height : 19″
  • Seat Width : 20″
  • Seat Depth : 20″
  • Weight Limit : 20 stone (127kg)
  • Motor : Single
  • Guarantee : 5 years (covering chair frame, electrics and mechanism)
  • Fabric : Spray
  • Colours : Jute, Cocoa, Evergreen and Rose
  • Tilt in Space chair

Ease of operation:

The Ellen model features a simple three button control panel that makes operation easy, with a roomy side storage pocket to keep the controls within reach. The “up” and “down” buttons control raising and lowering the chair, and the third button controls the recline.


This model comes in just one size, but its seat height of 48.3 cm and maximum 20 stone capacity will easily accommodate most users.

Mechanical considerations:

The Ellen’s most notable mechanical consideration is its “tilt in space” feature, which makes it possible for the user to recline by tilting the entire seating portion of the chair rather than by separating the back from the seat. The chair comes with a built-in battery backup so the user isn’t trapped if there’s a power outage. The Ellen does not include a crush-proof barrier or mechanism to prevent accidents if a pet or child gets under the chair.


This chair can be used sitting upright or reclining. The “tilt in space” action keeps the user in a seated position that elevates the legs above the hips, enhancing circulation and relieving pressure on the spine. Many users find that a “tilt in space” riser recliner significantly improves comfort and helps address a number of medical issues.


The Ellen’s design is all about comfort and craftsmanship, from the pocket-sprung chaise seat to the deep, fibre-filled waterfall style backrest. Like the “tilt in space” reclining feature, the Ellen’s back rest is specifically engineered to reduce pressure and make sitting comfortable. The luxury quality fabric covering is available in your choice of four colors and the general modern design will blend beautifully with just about any style of furniture. The Ellen is made in the UK.

The bottom line:

The Ellen riser recliner by Cosi Chair is an outstanding value that provides premium features and comfort at a mid-range price. For users who have specific health issues that may keep them in the chair for long periods of time, the “tilt in space” feature’s pressure-relieving capability can be absolutely invaluable. This chair looks and feels like a top-of-the-range item, but it sells for surprisingly low cost. If you’re looking for comfort, reliability, and solid British craftsmanship, you owe it to yourself to consider the Ellen.


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Best Premium Price Riser Recliner


Our pick for best top-of-the-line single motor riser recliner is the Tintagel Custom Made Rise & Recline Chair, manufactured by Camelot. This chair gives you the ultimate in personal customization for the utmost in comfort, style, and practical usability. The cost for this model starts in the area of £1400, but you get to choose everything and the end result is your ideal riser recliner, tailored precisely to you.

  • Images
  • Specifications

  • Seat Height: 18″
  • Seat Depth: 19″
  • Seat Width: 20″ (grande choice of 22″, 24″, 26″ or 28″)
  • Back Height: 28″
  • Weight Capacity: 25 stone (standard) and 35 stone

Ease of operation:

The Tintagel single motor model features a simple, modern handset control with LED power indicator and removable key. A touch of a button takes the chair from upright to reclining, and again from seated to the lifted tilt position for easy access or help standing up.


Like just about everything else about the Tintagel, the size is up to the user. The standard maximum capacity is a generous 25 stone, but for additional cost it can be altered to accommodate up to 35 stone. The standard seat height is 45 cm, but the chair can be ordered with seat height of up to 71 cm.

Mechanical considerations:

All versions of the Tintagel feature smooth and whisper-quiet action and the single motor model offers reclining options rarely found in single motor chairs. The Tintagel can also be ordered as a “wallhugger” model, which means that it extends forward rather than backward to recline and therefore needs much less rear clearance than standard recliners. A 24V transformer and variable angle lift come standard.

Mechanical options include a built-in battery back up system that allows for cordless usage, and a crush-proof system or entrapment risk reducing device can also be included at additional cost.


Like all single motor chairs the Tintagel’s footrest automatically extends when the chair is reclined, but the Tintagel’s footrest raises to the horizontal even when the back of the chair has only reclined a few degrees. The user then has the option to progressively recline the chair further towards the horizontal, providing much greater positioning flexibility than most single motor chairs offer.


The design of the Tintagel is very much up to the user. The chair can be ordered with a waterfall back, button back, envelope back or 2 pillow back. There’s a wide choice of fabric colors and for an additional cost the chair can be upholstered with a unique breathable, easy to clean simulated leather. Other options include a special gel seat, memory foam in the seat, footrest, and arms, a removable arm to allow for wheelchair access, built-in heating and massage systems, an extended footrest, and natural wood arms.

The bottom line:

If you’re in the market for your ideal riser recliner, with everything custom-tailored precisely to your needs and preferences, you can’t go wrong with the Tintagel. This is your chance to design a chair that will give you the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

Single Motor Riser Recliner Chairs – Top Picks
Single Motor Riser Recliner Chairs – Top Picks

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