Mobie Portable Scooter From Monarch Mobility

Mobie Foldable Portable Mobility Scooter


  • Manufacturer: Monarch Mobility
  • Portability: folds in seconds for car boot transport
  • Weight: total weight 22.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 40″ long, 17″ wide
  • Ground clearance: 1.6″
  • Batteries: lithium polymer; battery weight 1.8 kg
  • Maximum capacity: 18 stone (250 lb)
  • Maximum range: Up to 10 miles


The Mobie Foldable Portable Mobility Scooter combines reliable transport with maximum convenience and portability. It folds to an amazingly compact 17″ x 17″ in less than a minute, ready to be stowed in a closet, packed in a car boot, or transported in the luggage compartment of train, plane, bus, or ship.Mobie Mobility Scooter

Size, maneuverability, & ride:

Don’t let the compact size fool you; the Mobie performs like a giant in terms of stability. Its specially designed flexible 4-wheel chassis maximizes safety and comfort, minimizing jolts and keeping all four wheels on the ground. Its powerful 200w motor easily tackles steep climbs and a small turning radius makes it maneuverable in tight spaces.

Comfort & accessibility:

The Mobie provides both accessibility and comfort. The padded seat is high enough to give lots of leg room and makes getting on and off easy. Optional armrests can be added for even more rider comfort. The tiller handlebar position is adjustable and the handles are sensitive and easy to operate, even for people with arthritis.Mobie Scooter Folded

Battery & capacity:

Lithium polymer batteries are one of this scooter’s best innovations. They’re exceptionally light, easily removable, and airline-approved for shipment in the cargo compartment. The distance between charges is about 10 miles and there’s even an option to double your distance by carrying a spare battery. It takes just under 3 hours to fully charge each lithium battery.


This is where the Mobie truly shines. Folding the scooter into a super-compact cube literally takes less than a minute and is easy enough for anyone to do. When folded the Mobie can be rolled like luggage, and an optional travel cover makes it look like a suitcase on wheels.

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The bottom line

If you want maximum portability, the Mobie Foldable is what you're looking for. Safe, comfortable and reliable in operation, it transforms into a super-convenient, surprisingly small, and ultimately transportable package in seconds.

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    Krishnasamy Naidoo June 11, 2018 at 11:11 pm

    Hi, I have been watching the advert video of the Mobie every day, as I suffer from severe Rheumatoid arthritis, gout & high blood pressure this scooter would get me out of the house more often, as I live right opposite a park. And even to the shops, rather ask some one to do the errand.
    What I love about this scooter, is it`s so compact when folded, very light & most important one can carry a spare battery. It seems a perfect little gem, it`s a dream come true, rather than those that look more like TANKS, which are not ideal for most shops, who tend to put a display in every spare area, forget the disabled, we need to show/sell more ???
    If only I could afford t buy one, I would have, but as all the fuel prices & food keeps creeping up I have to watch my budget & hope a miracle will happen I can get one at a price I can afford. The price I offered is my savings but would be happy to part for this scooter

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